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The Aquapark and indoor swimming pool
A modern aquapark with a 55-metre roller coaster and slide, a wild river with a rocking pool, sandy beach, a children’s pool and a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor swimming pool building also contains a rehabilitation centre offering the use of a sauna, solarium, whirlpool, rehabilitation pool and massages.
Blansko Aquapark
Mlýnská ul., 678 01 Blansko
tel: 516 428 912

“Vitaline” Wellness Centre
An area of around 200 m2 offering a saltwater pool with a counter current, a whirlpool with a pearl bath and hydromassage, a massage centre, sauna, solar meadow, etc. The Wellness Centre provides visitors with a great many relaxing, reconditioning and spa procedures.
Wellness Hotel Panorama
Těchov 168, 678 01 Blansko
tel: 516 418 111

The Palava recreation area
An area with the natural Palava reservoir, mini golf, a sandy beach with a volleyball or foot volleyball court, children’s playground and many refreshments facilities.

Ice Stadium
An ice stadium with a capacity for an audience of 1,800. The building features new changing rooms, showers and social facilities. When the ice rink is not in operation, an artificial surface for in-line skating is installed in the stadium. There is also a restaurant at the stadium and the site is connected with the aquapark.
Ice Stadium
Mlýnská 17, 678 01 Blansko
tel: 516 428 920

The Ludvík Daněk Sports Island
Sports centre in Blansko. An aquapark and indoor swimming pool, ice stadium and tennis and volleyball courts can all be found here. The island also has a sports hall with a spinning centre, a skate park and a modern baseball ground. A cycle path that is often used for in-line skating leads around the sports island.

Bowling Blansko
This modern eight-lane bowling centre is located in the chateau park and has an air-conditioned restaurant seating 100, a reading room and a summer terrace.
Bowling Blansko
Dvorská 4, 678 01 Blansko
tel: 776 88 77 00

Tennis courts
Tennis courts can be found on the Ludvík Daněk Sports Island around 5 minutes walk from the railway station and the centre of town. The grounds feature five well maintained, completely furnished clay courts, hitting walls and clubrooms. Separate changing rooms and social facilities are also available to players. Courts may be reserved by telephone or in person at the tennis courts.

Sports equipment loans
Offering a wide range of equipment for professionals and amateurs alike – mountain bikes, in-line skates, scooters, trekking poles, rafts, canoes, skiing equipment. A loan speciality are Segway transporters.
FPO, s.r.o.
Smetanova 4, 678 01 Blansko
tel: 733 644 466, pujcovna@fpobk.cz

Horse riding
Recreational horse riding operated by the Hořice Western Sport Club, which specialises primarily in a Western style of horse riding.
WSC Hořice
Hořice 9, 678 01 Blansko
tel: 604 282 743

In-line skating
The cycle path running around the sports island and baseball ground can be used for in-line skating.

A number of signposted hiking paths that will lead you to interesting destinations in the surrounding area pass through Blansko.

Green – direction NE, starting point Hotel Macocha, length 8.5 km, destination Skalní Mlýn. The route takes undemanding terrain on a pleasant forest path.

Blue – direction NE, starting point at the Blanka information office, length 7.5 km, destination Podvrší lookout tower. An initial incline to Češkovice, then along the 5116 cycle path to the Podvrší lookout tower. The route continues for another 5 km to Sloup via Vavřinec.

Blue + green – direction W, starting point at the Blanka information office, length 12 km, destination the Černá Hora Brewery. Leave the town through Old Blansko to the hill at Hořice where the blue route joins the green route which will take you along the Hořice ridge to Černá Hora.

Green – direction NE, starting point at the Blanka information office, length 10 km, destination Petrovice. The route begins in the town, passing through the part of town called Zborovce before entering the forest, where it continues along the Sloupečník stream parallel to the 5117 cycle path all the way to Petrovice.

Red – direction W, starting point Blansko-Město railway station, length 9.5 km, destination Lipůvka. The route begins with an incline to the Hořice ridge before turning into the forest at the U Strakatého Koně boarding house, from where it continues as far as Lipůvka.

Green – direction W, starting point Blansko-Město railway station, length 10 km, destination Vranov. The green route takes the incline along with the red route to Hořice, where it turns to the south towards Šebrov and onwards to Vranov.

Blue + red – direction SE, starting point the bridge by the ČKD building, length 8.5 km, towards Rudice. The route begins with an incline to Klepačov, followed by flat terrain on a gravel path to Křivá Borovice. Turn onto the red route here which will take you all the way to Rudice.

Blue – direction SW, starting point the bridge by the ČKD building, length 10 km, towards the Babí Lom lookout tower. A steep incline from the Klamovka ironworks to Olešná, the route then descends to Šebrov before another incline to the lookout tower at Babí Lom.

Green – direction S, starting point Hotel Macocha, length 6.5 km, destination Nový Hrad. A number of interesting sights can be found along this route – the Klamovka ironworks, the ruin of Čertův Hrádek (Devil’s Castle), the lookout tower at Výrova Skála. At the crossroads beneath Nový Hrad, the green route continues to Adamov – you should take the red route to the castle.

Cycle tourism
The following cycle paths pass through Blansko:
International cycle path 5 – The Amber Way (332.5 km) – Brno – Adamov – Blansko – Ostrov – Sloup
Cycle path 5081 (23 km) – Blansko – Habrůvka – Křtiny – Bukovina – Jedovnice
Cycle path 5116 (9 km) – Blansko – Obůrka – Veselice – Petrovice
Cycle path 5117 (19 km) – Blansko – Petrovice – Žďár – Boskovice
The Path through the Heart of South Moravia (60 km, 11 stops) – Blansko – The Moravian Karst – Vyškov – see www.srdinko.cz

The Blansko region and the Moravian Karst are interwoven by a dense network of hiking and cycling paths. You can find an extensive range of maps of the entire region, offering practically limitless possibilities for other interesting excursions, at our information centre.

February The Blansko Two Hundred and Fifty – rescue swimming races
April The opening of the tourist season in the Moravian Karst and the surrounding area
May The Blansko Tin Pot (Blanenský Plecháč) – triathlon races
June The Macocha Veteran Tour – classic cars races
June The Miroslav Krabička Memorial – international football tournament for juniors
August The Moravian Karst Half-Marathon
September The Blansko Golem – mountain bike races
November The Dan Němec Memorial – international indoor football tournament

You can find details on additional sports opportunities in the region in our internet tourist guide at www.blanensko.cz.