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The Klamovka Ironworks
The last surviving ironworks from the 19th century.
It was established in 1855 and named after Augusta Salmová, who was married to Count Jindřich Clam-Martinic. It was in operation from 1857 to 1893. A new foundry opened here in 1895. Until the nineteen twenties production was oriented towards commercial casting. It served as a testing station for hydraulic turbines from the beginning of the nineteen thirties until the nineteen nineties. The Klamovka site is a typical example of the industrial architecture of the middle of the 19th century. The building is now privately owned and is not open to the public.

GPS: 49°20'40.584 N, 16°38'55.284 E

Zámeček – the administrative building of the former company Ježek
The present appearance of the Ježek Factory building dates back to the years 1910 to 1911. A year earlier, Richard Ježek returned from a trip to Italy, where he had been fascinated by the picturesque Miramare Castle, built in the “Windsor style” on the Trieste Bay. He first built the administration building, and then the factory water tank (currently home to the Galerie Ve Věži or Tower Gallery), in a similar style. Zámeček is currently home to private companies.

GPS: 49°21'33.109 N, 16°38'35.548 E

The Town Hall
The Town Hall dates back to 1885. It took on its present appearance in 1904, when the clock tower was completed. The Town Hall stands on the site of an original building with a wooden tower that can be seen in engravings from the middle of the 19th century. The building originated in the 16th century, when Jan Žalkovský of Žalkovice initiated the establishment of a town administration centre and the right of seal for Blansko.

GPS: 49°21'48.732 N, 16°38'38.002 E

The Ježek Bridge
This riveted truss railway bridge is 140 years old. It was originally built over the River Berounka on the Prague – Plzeň route. It was moved to Blansko around the year 1911 and used by the company K. and R. Ježek as a siding bridge across the Svitava. It was moved to a neighbouring piece of land in 2009 as a technical monument during alterations to the bed of the river. The bridge is in the care of Kolejová o.s. – an association of rail history enthusiasts. 
GPS: 49°21'30.202 N, 16°38'32.786 E

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