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The Zámecká Sýpka Restaurant
Dvorská 6a, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: + 420 602 563 646
A newly renovated restaurant in an historic granary building located right in the centre of town in the Chateau Park, offering traditional Czech cuisine and a set menu at lunchtime, no smoking.

Bowling Blansko
Dvorská 4, Blansko 678 01
Tel: 776 88 77 00, 516 41 22 44
A restaurant with bowling and a terrace located in the immediate vicinity of the Chateau Park in Blansko.

The U Golema Restaurant
Svitavská 28, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: 516 412 524
The U Golema Restaurant offers excellent access from the main road through Blansko. Seating in a restaurant and an inn.

The U Slunce Restaurant
Nám. Svobody 12, 678 01 Blansko
Tel. 516 413 832
A restaurant in the centre of town opposite the Town Hall offering a set lunch menu and outdoor seating.

The Pizzazz Pizzeria and Restaurant
Na řadech 5, 378 01 Blansko
Tel: 516 419 555
The Pizzazz Pizzeria and Restaurant is located on the edge of Blansko on the grounds of the Kaufland shopping centre. Plenty of parking spaces, a terrace and an indoor children’s corner.

The Terazza Pizzeria and Restaurant
Svitavská 31a, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: 516 419 662; 606 54 55 54
The restaurant is located on the main road through Blansko in the vicinity of the road and rail junction. Offering seating on a terrace shaded by trees in the summer.

The Dělnický Dům Restaurant
Žižkova 2, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: 605 020 542
The Dělnický Dům Restaurant is located a few minutes walk from the centre of town and offers seating in a restaurant, inn, lounges and outdoor terrace.

The Vegetarian Restaurant Amrit
Sukova 4, Blansko 67801
Tel: 608 880 665
A small eating-house located on the ground floor of a house where you can eat vegetarian dishes in a peaceful atmosphere.

The U Horáčků Eating House
Svatopluka Čecha 449/11, 678 01 Blansko
Tel. 516 413 237
Offer of daily menu in meat- and vegetarian version.

The Punkva Restaurant
Rožmitálova 40, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: 516 418 678, 736 536 249
The restaurant is located in a pedestrian zone on the street Rožmitálova. Fast service, set menu at lunchtime, generally traditional Czech cuisine.

The U Štěpánků Restaurant
Dvorská 1, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: 516 414 234, 737 421 280
A traditional restaurant and inn with a summer terrace.

The Myslivna Restaurant
Horní Palava 101/40, 678 01 Blansko
Tel. 517 385 279, 777 547 927

The Na Pražci Restaurant
Edvarda Beneše 6, 678 01 Blansko
Tel. 516 418 639

The Velvet Tavern
Okružní 2211/2, Blansko, 67801
Tel. 516 411 335

The U Filků Restaurant
Dolní Lhota 70, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: 516 418 829
A restaurant in Dolní Lhota u Blanska with renowned home cuisine and a range of smoked specialities on Friday.

The Češkovický hostinec InnPanorama Wellness Hotel
Těchov 168, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: 516 418 111
The Češkovický Inn is the name of the hotel restaurant at the Panorama Wellness Hotel. Seating on a pleasant shady terrace or in the hotel complex courtyard in the summer, with a sandpit, swings and trampoline for children.

The Samsara Restaurant
Blansko ‒ Klepačov 236
Tel. 516 413 843
The restaurant is the key stone of Samsara. It will surprise you with its high-quality cousine and original dining space suitable for every social occassion, be it a wedding, a birthday party, or a romantic dinner for two.

The Lažánky Restaurant
Lažánky 23, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: 516 418 923, 731 966 214
The restaurant is located around 6 km from Blansko in the centre of the village of Lažánky. The restaurant seats 50, with additional lounges for 57. Parking available.

The Restaurant at the Skalní Mlýn Hotel
Skalní mlýn 96, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: 516 418 113
The Skalní Mlýn Hotel – a hotel with a tradition stretching back more than seventy years located in the heart of the Moravian Karst. The car park in front of the hotel also serves as an access car park for the Punkva Caves and Katherine Cave, free after 6.00 p.m.

The U Strakatého Koně Restaurant
Hořice 9, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: 604 282 743, 604 288 993
A restaurant in a Western style located in the part of town known as Hořice in the immediate vicinity of a forest. Part of the Western Sport Club.

The Hořice Restaurant
Hořice 37, 678 01 Blansko
Tel. 725 972 030
Small Restaurant in the family house with garden seating  is located in the beginning of the part of town Hořice.

The Cafisco Café
Bezručova 6, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: 722 471 582
A no-smoking café with a modern interior practically in the centre of town offering excellent coffee, desserts, ice cream and set breakfasts.

The Kaverna Blansko Café
Rožmitálova 15, 678 01 Blansko
Tel. 728 070 640
Facebook of Kaverna Blansko

The Na Kině Café

Hybešova 6, 67801 Blansko
Tel. 721 265 757
Facebook of Na Kině Café
Small Café in the building of Cinema Blansko with seating outside.


The Archa Café
Hybešova 53a, 678 01 Blansko
Tel. 606 267 975 info@kavarnaarcha.cz

The COCO Coffee Café
Náměstí Svobody 7, 678 01 Blansko
Tel. 777 509 555
Offering of coffee, hot chocolate, tea, chai latté, matcha tea, smoothies, vegetable soups, desserts, wraps, snacks ...

The V Pohádce Café
Masarykova 35, 678 01 Blansko
Tel. 733 799 486
Café with a children corner and offering of coffee, ice-cream, desserts and beverages.


The U Vláčku Café
Sv. Čecha 1, 678 01 Blansko
Small Café with seating in the garden. Offer of coffee, smoothies, juices, toast, wraps, vegetarian and vegan soaps, snacks and breakfasts.


The Zákuskárna Blansko Patisserie
Smetanova 12, 678 01 Blansko
Offering of home-made cakes, desserts and ice-creams.

The Severka Patisserie
Žalkovského 2a, 678 01 Blansko
Tel: 516 413 931
A traditional patisserie that makes it own desserts and cakes, offering a wide range of desserts and ice creams.

You can find good food throughout the Moravian Karst. A list of restaurants in the region is available at www.blanensko.cz.