One of six wooden churches brought to this country from Sub-Carpathian Ukraine. It comes from Nyzhni Selyschtsche. Its construction began in 1601, but was not completed until 1641 as construction became protracted due to a plague epidemic in which the whole village died.

The building was originally intended to be an exhibit at the Exhibition of Contemporary Culture in Brno in 1928, but the church was offered to the Blansko parish after this plan was rejected. It was brought to Blansko in 1936.

It now belongs to the Czechoslovak Hussite Church and is consecrated to the Orthodox Saint Paraskeva.

It is the oldest church of the “Transylvanian–Marmaros” type or “Ruthenian Gothic” in the Czech Republic.

GPS: 49°21'41.318 N, 16°38'49.791 E

Regular opening hours:
every Wednesday 2.00–7.00 p.m.
Saturday 2.00–8.00 p.m.

other months:
Friday 5.00–8.00 p.m., Sunday after service 9.30–10.00 a.m.

Outside these times following prior agreement by telephone: 515 157 087, 723 869 347,
516 410 785.

Dřevěný kostelík
Rodkovského 7
678 01 Blansko

tel.: 515 157 087, 606 702 768